Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Situation Frame


One of the more abstract components of the Correspondence Assignment is the Situation Frame (Sit Frame). This is a tool for you to use in order to analyze your culture. After you listen to the PPTs this document will make more sense. The first presentation covers the top part dealing with Implicit/Explicit cultures while the second presentation covers the middle and bottom sections.

Essentially, this worksheet operates as a way of investigating aspects of culture in order to develop a strategy for writing to your audience. You look at websites and videos from your culture and assess whether they display characteristics of Higher or Lower culture and how they implement these traits. For instance, you can compare how Coca-Cola communicates to people from other countries: Coca-Cola Global. Also, you can change countries on YouTube by clicking on the drop-down menu titled "Content: Worldwide" at the bottom of the first page and look at how companies sell to the people from different countries.

As you research your culture you can use the Sit Frame to make notes under different characteristics. It is a Word document and will expand as needed.

Once you observe several commercials and/or websites, you can look over your notes and compile an audience profile based on your research. Then you can tailor your writing accordingly. You will turn in your Sit Frame with a completed Audience Profile when you turn in your letters and memo.

You can download the Sit Frame on Moodle in the Unit 2 section.

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